Crazy odds

If I could do the numbers

I’d prove the counters wrong

For now, it’s just a bunch of impossibilities

You and I string along

While they happen everyday

We tuck them into our secrets

Lest they evanesce

If we speak them into words

You know and I know

They weave us in, connect the dots

In a time that is warped

In a world that isn’t ours

Right said Fred. ‘Hah! And I’m right.’ Ima perked up, her eyes remembering, her face involuntarily twisting to sing along ..I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shoes…. she smiled at the pictures in her recollection repertoire.

6th Nov 18


Makes perfect sense
Life does.
We breathe in, one day at a time
Start , manage, repair, regret
Feel, remember, smile

I wait, for the early morning
A pink orange to give me cryptic clues
To the crossword of the day

I linger, to listen to my heart,
A yearning, a wish, a childish desire
To skip the must and dance into the maybe..

I wake up and there is a rush
To play my roles, to spark the mundane
Into a potential memory, a fond moment to savor tomorrow…

I work, and earn my breath,
Pay my dues, dream for my child,
Hard sometimes it is to accept,
The whimsy of chance, the caprice of fate..
And there from the corner, for no good reason,
an endearment, the sound of a single word, the memory of solace,
And life, time, soul, weave themselves into this moment..

I put that into my pocket, have my little smile and with quiet footsteps, tread into my today..




What day is it….And in what month ….#lifehouse

i…..Today is 16 aug. Last year this time. Dinner with ma. Talking of pa and miracles and the phone pings. 42 days.

mindspace ’15